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Children's National Health Systems (CNHS)


Epilepsy is a research project collaborated with Children’s National Health System(CNHS). It is a mHealth application for Epilepsy patients. The application contains tasks designed to evaluate the patient's health remotely and present this data to their respective doctor.


Consider the NIH guidelines, I developed four different activities for Epilepsy suffering patients.
  • Pattern comparison
  • finger tapping
  • special span
  • flanker
With the help of these four activities, we analyze how their symptoms are being managed.

I logged the exact coordinates where the user clicks on the phone and give the analyzed data to the clinician so that he could start proper medication for the patients or change it accordingly.


The backend of the application is developed in Java Jersey framework. The API has RESTful behavior and it governs the Front-end of the project. As the application is completely driven by the API, the api has the responsibilty to populate surveys and 4 different activities for the patients to perfrom on a given bases.


The pain reporting portal is de-identified patient and survey management system. It allows clinicians to schedule digital surveys to be delivered to patients. As well as allowing clinicians to monitor patient responses to look for possible interventions.

The portal is developed in Node JS with Hapi framework. It also uses handlebar js to view the data on the portal.

It uses chart.js to visualize the data gathered from the application to inform the clinicians about their patients.