Sickle Cell

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Children's National Health Systems (CNHS)


SCD-PROMIS is a research project funded by the Joseph E.Roberts Foundation in collaboration with Children’s National Health System(CNHS). It is a mHealth application for PROMIS measures Pain Reporting. The patients use the app to report pain and the main purpose of the app is to mitigate the pain related readmission.


As Research Assistant, I implemented an online pain reporting application in AngularJS and Java Jersey framework. The application is designed to be cross platform (Web, iOS, and Android) to target multiple mobile devices

This context aware & API Driven application has functionalities like – Daily – weekly surveys for patients so they do not have to visit doctors every time, daily badges and power ups for the games as they take surveys and earn them, delivers periodic notifications for pending and incomplete surveys, saves the state of half-filled survey

Patient can report if something goes wrong directly to the clinician and there is a quick fix that resets the application

The application provides intrinsic motivation to the patients by giving them powerups and badges to enhance their experience with the games in the application based on their compliance with the surveys.


The backend of the application is developed in Java Jersey framework. The API has RESTful behavior and it governs the Front-end of the project.


The pain reporting portal is de-identified patient and survey management system. It allows clinicians to schedule digital surveys to be delivered to patients. As well as allowing clinicians to monitor patient responses to look for possible interventions.

The portal is developed in Node JS with Hapi framework. It also uses handlebar js to view the data on the portal.

It uses chart.js to visualize the data gathered from the application to inform the clinicians about their patients.